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Plastic trade fair: leading the innovation and transformation of the plastic industry

on the morning of September 23, in the plastic products exhibition area of the 11th plastic trade fair, exhibitor Xiao Li was busy taking time to broadcast the real-time situation of the exhibition on Weibo. The highlights of the plastic fair conveyed by Weibo attracted the enthusiastic response of Xiao Li's customers and peers' fans

what are the highlights of the 11th China Plastics Fair? After experiencing the plastic trade fair, I found that this plastic trade fair highlighted the development theme of innovation and transformation, which has injected a strong impetus into the future development of the plastic industry

manipulator leads the new production mode

accurate grasp, elegant extension... Such a series of actions are not from any handsome man or beauty, but from an impression of a cold machine

once entering the plastic trade fair, the tall injection molding manipulator placed in the machinery exhibition area on the first floor has become the largest "popular star" at the exhibition site. Ningbo Weili, Jinhua Kailide, Huangyan Wenhui plastic machine, etc. are their own businesses. Through on-site display, they have opened a hot competition

"liberate productive forces again" robot advertising language, touched the minds of many plastic enterprises on the exhibition site. It is understood that the manipulator can imitate the automatic production equipment of some functions of the upper limbs of the human body. These machines specially equipped for the automation of injection molding production can save about one third of the labor

Hunan is the main production area of micro spherical aluminum powder. Mr. Zhang from Jiaojiang is very optimistic about the manipulator and observed the different characteristics of the manipulator on the booth in detail. He said: "although the manipulator has a large one-time investment, the transformation can not only relieve the employment pressure of enterprises, but also avoid human errors and other problems."

in further interviews, we learned that in addition to the "lively" action comparable to that of human hands, robots also have a surprising "doorway"

according to the on-site staff of the booth, servo motors are widely used in robots, which can save excess energy in the injection molding process. Compared with traditional motors, the power saving effect can reach 50%-80%, thus realizing the development goal of energy saving and consumption reduction in the plastic industry

military industry brand expands new ways of transformation

Where is the transformation path of Taizhou Plastic Industry? At the plastic fair, people can find different answers -

in the WIP exhibition area, the colorful plastic transparent furniture not only shows a bright and simple home environment, but also conveys to people the fashion message that is popular all over the world. The yachts and large water tanks displayed by Wenling sunrise Rotational Molding Co., Ltd. let people enjoy the latest technology of rotational molding production. In addition, in the characteristic exhibition area of the new field of plastics, the intuitive exhibits also let people realize that plastic building materials are becoming the fourth generation of new building materials

however, the military brand played by the 11th Plastics Fair for the first time in history also provides a new idea for the transformation and development of plastic enterprises

in the machine tool exhibition area on the first floor of the Plastics Fair, we can see that although the booths of nearly 30 military enterprises, scientific research institutions and universities, such as China Nuclear Power Research Institute and Shanghai Aerospace Technology Research Institute, are not luxurious, they carry more than 300 high-tech achievements and high-tech achievements Peek high-temperature 3D printer technology product projects, physical objects and models fully demonstrate the innovative strength of military enterprises

at the exhibition site, the pamphlet "military technology to civilian promotion project" compiled by the relevant departments of our city was welcomed by the merchants attending the meeting. It is understood that the military technology achievements of this exhibition are in line with the industrial pattern of Taizhou. Especially for machine tool enterprises, being able to witness the manufacturing process of military enterprises will bring more innovative enlightenment to their own technological innovation

Qunying will stir up the development of new ideas

there is no doubt that the three-day plastic fair is a grand Trading event. It is also worth noting that this is also a technological event, but also a brainstorming that will have a long-term impact

up to now, the plastic trade fair has gained a great reputation in the domestic industry, and the plastic forum held at the same time with the plastic trade fair has become the peak forum of the plastic industry. China has launched the Taizhou Plastic Forum (International) to regenerate and rebuild human tissues or organs, or restore and promote their biological functions, which was held at the same time as this exhibition. The theme of "green safety, shaping the future together" has attracted authoritative figures in the plastic industry at home and abroad

The head of the Organizing Committee of the plastics fair said, "the forum aims to jointly analyze the current economic situation, grasp the cutting-edge trends of the industry, and effectively promote project cooperation, technology and capital docking." It is reported that the forum will hold plastic safety and trade logistics, 2011 China Daily plastic products polypropylene innovation and development forum and polypropylene product exhibition, plastic enterprise risk and cost management forum, 2011 China abs/ps Market Summit Forum and other activities

on September 23, as a part of the China (International) plastics Taizhou forum, the 2011 China automotive plastics and Green Development Summit Forum hosted by the China Plastics Processing Industry Association was held in Taizhou Kaiyuan hotel. The forum conducted in-depth discussion and Research on the technology of new automotive plastics and the procurement standards of components and interior and exterior trim parts of well-known automotive companies at home and abroad. After participating in the event, some Taizhou auto parts manufacturers believed that the cutting-edge trends conveyed by the forum had an excellent enlightening effect on the future development of enterprises

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