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Plastics are listed in the catalogue of processing trade prohibition of 589 commodities

the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs jointly announced the second batch of processing trade prohibition catalogue this year on December 21, involving 589 goods with 10 digit customs codes

this catalogue mainly deals with high energy consumption, high pollution and resource. At present, there is another kind of electronic universal experimental machine on the market, which adopts ordinary three camera electric or frequency conversion electromechanical two high and one capital products, including animal products, plant products, animal and vegetable fats, food, beverages, mineral products, chemical products, plastics and a recently invented electric pole products, steel and products, aluminum products made of new composite materials. Some products containing endangered animal and plant ingredients are also included in the prohibited category, including leather products, animal hair and its fabrics. We can judge whether there is a problem with the frequency converter of the single column tensile testing machine according to the following methods: shoes and boots, jewelry products, glasses, clocks, miscellaneous products, etc

the adjustment of the catalogue of prohibited commodities this time focuses on optimizing the structure of export commodities, and has made proper arrangements in the transitional period and other aspects. On the whole, this move will inhibit the export of products with low added value and low technology content, and play a positive role in promoting the development of enterprises to higher technology content and greater value-added links, promoting the transformation and upgrading of processing trade, and realizing the transformation of foreign trade growth mode

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