The hottest plastics continued to rise, with posit

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Plastics continued to rise, with positions exceeding 450000 hands

Plastics: Plastic futures continued to rise yesterday, with futures prices exceeding 11500, with positions exceeding 450000 hands at the highest. The payment of basis has led us to establish long-term cooperative relations with many foreign customers, and the supporting factors have been exhausted yesterday

the spot market price is still strong this week, with traders and petrochemical manufacturers reporting higher. Market transactions are not active. The rapid rise brings pressure to the downstream connecting plate. Both fundamentals and technology show signs of overbought in the short term. Try to create a medium-term blank order above 11500

focus on the reduction of positions. And pay attention to the resumption of production and commencement of the unit in the middle and late of this month

glass: yesterday, the trend of the domestic original film market was dominated. The delivery of goods in Shahe area was slightly slower than that in the early stage due to rainfall, and the inventory increased slightly. Although the price rise in East China was obvious, there was no sign of follow-up in North China market. The Beijing Tianjin Tangshan market is also stable, and the delivery of goods by various manufacturers is acceptable. Due to its excellent control function and experimental accuracy, the recent general rainfall in North China has led to a decline in temperature, and the delivery of goods has slowed down slightly, mainly in the short term or stable

the East China and Northeast China meetings were held one after another, and some local manufacturers responded to the meeting to raise prices. In contrast, there were not many manufacturers raising prices in the Northeast market due to the cold weather and weak demand. Most of the peak season has passed, and the spot market is stable and improving in a short time. We should pay attention to demand changes in the long term

The nonferrous metal industry in the period of

is the most qualified to become a new force for steady growth and structural adjustment. The inventory level remains low and volatile. Affected by the pressure of the moving average, it is difficult to rise. We should pay attention to whether the price can effectively break through the suppression or support of the moving average

including integrated robots and molds

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