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Taiwan's plastics industry focuses on the business opportunities after the war in Iraq

for the business opportunities for the reconstruction of people's livelihood after the war in the United States and Iraq, the petrochemical industry is optimistic about the potential demand for PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and ABS resin; The industry said that because PVC is the basic raw material of international building materials, such as underground water pipes, plastic doors, windows, etc., most of them are made of PVC raw materials. In addition, ABS resin is widely used to make the surface material of general household appliances. After the war, ABS is also indispensable under the needs of people's livelihood material reconstruction. According to the survey data of Beijing Baihui, the raw materials in 2017 (2) and 019 are shown

shenguohua, general manager of Huaxia Bay Plastic Company, the second largest PVC raw material manufacturer in China (the scrap market increased steadily on the 13th and 56th), said that the reason why PVC is widely used as building materials is mainly because PVC has the stability of long service life. It is estimated that the service life of PVC pipes is as high as 30 years; Although the durability of PVC is quite popular in the construction industry, it is also the petrochemical raw material most criticized by European and American environmentalists

according to industry estimates, 60% of the global PVC output is mainly used in building materials. Last year, the global PVC output was about 26.6 million tons, and the compound annual growth rate of global PVC raw materials in the next five years is about 4% - 5%

delta chemical company (1309), which produces PS and ABS, said that recently, ABS orders from the Middle East showed signs of increasing compared with the past, possibly because ABS is the main material for making household goods, making some related business opportunities appear

it is not just the reconstruction business opportunities of Iraq after the war. Due to the stable economic growth, Chinese Mainland also has strong demand for PVC and ABS raw materials. However, the upstream raw materials EDC (dichloroethane) and Sm (styrene) that produce PVC and ABS raw materials are facing the problem of insufficient supply in recent years, making PVC and ABS unable to be applied to large load-bearing bones this year. The demand growth rate of both raw materials will exceed the supply growth rate

according to the estimates of some research institutions, the growth rate of global PVC raw material demand this year is about 4%, but the global new supply is less than 2%. Huaxia also estimated that the overall demand of the global PVC powder market this year is expected to grow by 3%-5% compared with last year. Among them, the growth of PVC market demand in the mainland is estimated to be 6%-8%, but due to the insufficient supply of upstream PVC raw materials VCM (vinyl chloride) and EDC, It is estimated that the average selling price of PVC powder this year is expected to increase by 4%-6% compared with last year

as for ABS, research institutions estimate that the growth rate of global SM supply this year is about 4%, but the growth rate of ABS demand is about 6%, which will make the average price of ABS this year higher than last year

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