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The plastics industry conference was held in June

it was learned recently that the selection of such components has greatly improved the cost performance of products. This year's China Plastics Industry Conference will be held in Ningbo in June. The conference was hosted by the big business institute and the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries. Since 2008, it has been successfully held for three times, which has been widely recognized both inside and outside the industry, and has become a high-end platform to serve the development of the petrochemical industry

this year's plastics industry conference will focus on the spot market of plastics and related industries, and will focus on the deep integration of futures and spot markets. In addition to the main contents of macroeconomic situation, plastic industry development, market pattern, price trend and so on, it will also highlight the combination of capital and industry to better lead the healthy development of the industry, and set up hot topics such as commodity financial attributes and risk management

Ningbo is the core area of the petrochemical industry cluster in East China. The petrochemical industry is the most important part of Ningbo's port industry. Three industrial clusters have been formed, Zhenhai, Beilun and Daxie, bringing together many famous large-scale petrochemical enterprises and research institutions at home and abroad

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