The hottest plasticizer is not a daily test item

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"Plasticizer is not a daily test item"

nowadays, most packaged moon cakes are placed in plastic moon cake holders to prevent the moon cakes from being squeezed and deformed. But not long ago, the media in Guangzhou, eight well-known brands of moon cake bater is considering adding a new Licensor moon cake tray in Europe to detect the presence of plasticizers that cannot be used in fatty foods

on the 14th, the International Food Packaging Association also can guarantee the measurement results. The association also pointed out the hidden dangers of moon cake holders, pointing out that most moon cake holders used in the market are not marked with materials, and many moon cake holders are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is easy to release plasticizers harmful to human body, with great hidden dangers

there are no relevant regulations on the material used for the moon cake holder.

it is understood that our country has no clear regulations on what material should be used for the moon cake holder

on the 14th, I visited and checked some packaged moon cakes. In the outer packaging of the gift box and the packaging of a single moon cake, I really can't see the material description of the moon cake holder. From the appearance, only the importance of the safety impact testing machine knows that it is plastic, and the moon cakes are directly placed in the moon cake holder. When asked about the material of the moon cake holder, the salesperson only said it was ok, but he couldn't say what plastic material it was. It was always packed like this, and he never heard of anything unsafe, said a salesperson at shuntianfu supermarket

the International Food Packaging Association investigated and tested six kinds of moon cake packaging in Beijing from August to September. It was found that the moon cake holders of two brands were made of PVC, but the test results showed that no plasticizer was released from the moon cake holders

Dong Jinshi, Secretary General of the association, said that plasticizers must be added when PVC is used in food packaging. Moon cakes are fatty foods. Plasticizers contained in plastics are easier to precipitate when encountering grease. The higher the temperature, the more they precipitate. When other materials such as PS (polystyrene), PP (polypropylene), pet (polyethylene terephthalate) are used in food packaging, plasticizers do not have to be added. Compared with PVC, the safety hazard is smaller

plasticizer is not a daily test item

Dong Jinshi pointed out that some plasticizers can reduce male fertility, affect hormone secretion in fetuses and infants, and lead to precocious puberty in children. One fact is that neither moon cake nor moon cake holder will detect plasticizer during routine testing

in response to the material problem of the moon cake holder, zoumingguo, a professor at the Institute of precision chemistry of Sichuan University, said in an interview with TV media that PVC used in the moon cake holder had the greatest potential hazard. Once the human body ingests excessive plasticizers, there is a hidden danger of cancer

some experts said there was no need to panic about this problem

an expert engaged in food safety testing told last night that the grease in the moon cake may react with the plasticizer in the inferior moon cake holder. However, even if the moon cake holder contains plasticizer, the content is limited, and the precipitation is limited, which has little impact on human health


how to identify materials

Dong Jinshi, Secretary General of the International Food Packaging Association, pointed out that generally speaking, moon cake holders with colors have great potential dangers of insecurity, while white and transparent ones are not made of recycled plastic, so the safety factor is relatively higher

consumers can check the moon cake holder against the light and sunlight. If there are obvious impurities, black spots and uneven color in the moon cake holder, it is likely to be recycled plastic

it is also dangerous to smell peculiar

for the moon cake holder material, you can also carry out some combustion experiments to identify

pvc: the moon cake holder of this material will have a pungent smell when burning, and it will not burn, emit black smoke and drip oil after leaving the fire source

ps: the moon cake holder is flammable. It continues to burn after leaving the fire source. The flame is orange yellow and accompanied by a large amount of black smoke. After burning, the plastic bubbles, giving off a special smell of styrene monomer. On the other hand, it does not drip oil

pp: when the moon cake holder burns, the flame is yellow and blue, and the smell is like oil. It melts and drips, and there is no black smoke

pet: there is a small amount of black smoke, a little alcohol taste and oil dripping

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