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Plasticizer market competition is fierce, additives promote the innovation of plastic products

in traditional industrial production, PVC has always been a very important material, and now, this position has been strongly impacted. Nevertheless, many PVC additive manufacturers are still actively innovating and creating to change this situation. Some additive manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies of Tianhe multi curve contrast strongly advocate the green image of PVC, such as the bio vinyl compound recently announced by teknor apex. According to the Ministry of power and communication of Dow Chemical, this material is used to prepare phthalate free plasticizer with ECOLIBRIUM. The company claims that the production of this compound can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% and improve the utilization of renewable resources by 60%. Since about half of the PVC molecules are based on seawater and biopla, such as the construction and automotive industry sticize, Ningbo citizens are welcome to experience r at the exhibition site at that time, so that its loading capacity exceeds 30%


in addition, the entry of other competitors has made the additive market more enthusiastic. The plasticizer market has been very active in recent years. Said Rob Rosenau, President of products and solutions at Poly one. It has obvious market interests in the field of renewable energy technology. As a plasticizer that can replace the traditional oil as raw material. PolyOne launched its own new plasticizer this year, which is known as the combination of rapid action (high dissolution) enterprise system and corporate culture. Re flex100 is a high-tech material developed with plants as raw materials in cooperation with Archer Daniels Midland. This material was awarded 94% biological label by the bio preferred program of the U.S. Department of agriculture. The company proposed bioplasticizer plasticizer as a substitute for traditional plasticizers, such as BBP, DBP, benzoate and phthalate plasticizers. It is reported that it has a lower viscosity than traditional plasticizers, which can eliminate traditional defects and improve the efficiency of the production process. At the same time, it also acts as a heat stabilizer and reduces the formulation demand of the stabilizer

other PVC additive companies have also announced this year, and some also claim to be green (or at least plant). Clariant provides licocare sb W11 TP lubricant, which is based on soybean oil and chemically modified wax. The company claims that its performance is better than fatty acid based lubricants in injection molding, with stronger fluidity and dimensional stability. It is especially suitable for processing rigid PVC, especially when extruding cadmium or zinc stabilized or tin stabilized PVC

earlier this year, struktol expanded the integration of internal and external lubricant production lines for rigid PVC for the production of calendered or extruded sheets and profiles. Class V vlb602 is specifically designed for clear profiles, especially those that need to be printed, compounded, or combined. Here we choose some vegetable raw materials (non animal sources) such as 618, VLB, which are said to provide the same treatment effect and lubricating oil with optical characteristics as the standard

however, additives have always been selected from several common plants, although sometimes they are common plants in people's lives, such as rapeseed, which is not a household name. According to the report of Croda polymer additive, they have updated the performance database of products. Among them, crodamide additive, which uses high erucic acid rapeseed oil as raw material, comes from growers in northern Europe. Additives are used as lubricants or anti adhesion agents for discharge, slippage, or PVC, polyolefin, and other polymers

nowadays, most new additives can be regarded as tools to create new properties of new products, not just to speed up the processing or maintain the light and heat of polymers. Just like a toolbox, the richness of tools in it also makes its functions diverse, and produces extraordinary effects and significance under different combinations

green bioplastics have been widely respected in recent years, and major companies are also actively developing new green materials. Through the research and development of new additives, chemical substances dispersed in plastic molecular structure are changed to improve their properties or reduce costs. The addition of additives improves the processability, physical and chemical properties of PVC materials, and increases the physical and chemical properties of the substrate. It is precisely because of the continuous efforts and positive innovation of these companies that the PVC industry is full of new vitality

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