Seven new trends of Bi under the latest situation

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As we all know, Business Intelligence BI refers to extracting effective information from system data, discovering valuable knowledge in time from vast information, providing powerful services for the thinking and strategic development of enterprise decision-makers, and minimizing the risks and hidden dangers of "relying on experience and patting the head" in management decisions, So as to fully improve the rapid response and competitiveness of enterprises in the market, and strengthen the industrial chain and cooperative software solutions between enterprises

nowadays, with the surge of enterprise informatization development, the solidification and improvement of organizational processes, the accumulation and application of knowledge, and the innovation and improvement of technology, Bi, as the system software of business intelligence management, is also constantly seeking innovation and change, and continues to make contributions in promoting the construction of enterprise informatization

at present, the global economy is gradually recovering. Experts pointed out that in the next few years, Business Intelligence BI will continue to update and change its face, its status will be increasingly improved, its functions will be increasingly powerful, the market demand will be increasingly strong, and the product scale will grow rapidly. Therefore, at present, the common concern of enterprise CIOs is how to interpret Bi in the coming years and what new development trends will it present? How can CIOs seize these trends and better serve enterprise decision-making and management to take the lead

one of the new trends of Bi: the integration is strengthened, and it has evolved into a portal.

CIO must clearly understand that the future business intelligence Bi trend will be a service based on comprehensive information integration. It will be a basic information system for enterprise level cross departmental operation, which can connect all staff in all positions of the enterprise, and all kinds of information systems and information resources of the enterprise, Truly realize the testing report platform produced by the national fire protection building materials quality supervision and inspection center, and finally evolve into a portal, rather than the previous single, isolated and boring system

on the premise of enterprise strategy and process, Bi should be able to integrate various business systems through technologies similar to "portal", so that Bi can integrate with OA, CRM, ERP, SCM and other systems, and the structured data between systems can be called and displayed mutually through the portal management platform, so as to comprehensively provide decision support, knowledge mining, business intelligence and other integrated services, and realize the digitalization, intellectualization and Virtualization. At this time, Bi may have gone far beyond the scope of traditional Bi and evolved into a comprehensive and powerful management support platform for enterprises. The names of "enterprise knowledge portal EKP" and "management support platform MSS" may better reflect its value. CIO should strive to promote the development of enterprise Bi towards an integrated platform and portal

the second new trend of Bi: becoming more and more "stupid", reflecting humanization

in the future, the portal of Bi will pay more attention to humanization, function more and more "stupid", emphasize ease of use, stability and openness, strengthen the convenience of communication and cooperation between people, pay attention to the integration of many information sources, and further improve the expandable management support platform framework, so as to change the current situation of "people looking for systems" in the past, Realize the new concept and function of "system looking for people". This should be of guiding significance for the selection of CIOs in enterprises that have not applied Bi in the future, and should be used as a direction to promote the construction of Bi

the future BI system can enable the right role to obtain the right knowledge and data in the right scene and at the right time, fully explore and release people's potential, and truly turn enterprise data and information into an idea and ability that can guide people's behavior. In fact, "humanization" is also a kind of "automation", which fully reflects the maximum value and role of the management system

the third new trend of Bi: Mobile Bi will become a new battlefield

at present, China has officially entered the 3G era. At the same time, the arrival of the new era of 3G indicates a better hope and prospect for wireless commerce and mobile informatization, which is the same for bi. Therefore, CIO must also recognize and attach importance to Bi in the 3G era and grasp its trend

in 2010, the number of global mobile users has exceeded 5billion, while the number of Chinese mobile users has also reached 700million. It can be predicted that in the next year or two, using new technologies, mobile collaborative applications will become the future growth point of Bi

at present, the integration of information terminal applications is being promoted in an all-round way. The application of 3G wireless mobile technology in China has been comprehensively constructed and promoted. It makes the mobile device integrating computer technology, communication technology and Internet technology become the necessary information terminal for personal office. The mobile Bi collaborative application on this carrier will be a great highlight of management. Users can submit data intelligently and obtain analysis reports to realize real-time dynamic management everywhere and all the time, which will bring a major leap to traditional Bi. Therefore, CIOs of enterprises should actively use modern mobile technology and give full play to the function of 3G technology in Bi, so that Bi mobile office and wireless control will be handy and feasible at any time and anywhere

the fourth new trend of Bi: deploy Bi in the cloud and become the mainstream direction

cloud computing is no longer strange to CIOs, and even familiar. At present, the concept of cloud computing is in the ascendant, and its functions are extremely powerful. The next two to three years will be the "year of cloud computing services", which will also be the term and development trend of the most popular software. Cloud based business intelligence services will become the mainstream direction of new business intelligence deployment. CIO should have a comprehensive understanding of the future trend of cloud computing

at present, the importance of cloud computing can affect the future survival line of various Bi manufacturers in the future. In a sense, only Bi software whose products are designed for cloud scale architecture and conform to cloud operation mode can be favored by user enterprises and continue to succeed in the future. For some enterprises with huge data storage, heavy operation and maintenance services, but weak strength and incomplete technology, cloud computing mode will be the application direction of management systems including Bi. CIO should actively promote the development of Bi towards cloud computing in the future

although Bi still faces many challenges in the process of migrating to the cloud, as more and more enterprises put their business applications on the cloud, "deploying Bi in the cloud" is not an unattainable ideal goal. It is reported that Informatica, a professional Bi manufacturer, has made an attempt to deliver cloud services to users. The Informatica BI data integration platform previously released by the company can be deployed in pre installed systems or "cloud" networks at the same time to provide cloud integration services for user enterprises

the fifth new trend of Bi: saasbi is becoming more and more popular with small and medium-sized enterprises

IDC predicts that SaaS Bi will become a hot spot in the Bi market in the next oneortwo years, and it is also the focus of competition among major Bi manufacturers. Because traditional Bi tools are too expensive and the construction process is relatively complex, from the analysis of the situation of small and medium-sized enterprises and the current economic situation, the low-cost and efficient SaaS rental model has undoubtedly become an important choice for the CIO of small and medium-sized enterprises to implement Bi, which will bring a good development platform to enterprises

therefore, Gartner expects that by 2012,% of enterprises will use the business model of software as a Service SaaS,% of small and medium-sized enterprise organizations will obtain industry-specific analysis applications through SaaS, and SaaS Bi will become the standard configuration of Bi portfolio applications

however, based on the development of SaaS at this stage, the application of this business model is still immature and needs to be vigorously cultivated and promoted. Only when it is relatively mature and perfect, Bi can use the power of this model to achieve the goal of starting a prairie fire. This needs the attention of CIO. Therefore, at present, BI application will still be based on traditional mode

the sixth new trend of Bi: visualization technology is a bright spot, and interactive analysis boosts Bi

at present, more and more enterprise CIOs are no longer satisfied with the traditional single and rigid image display and interactive image display, because more analysis needs to be completed with the help of the multidimensional analysis mode of image OLAP, such as noise data, dataset trend, etc. This is very important for CIO to apply Bi for enterprise management decisions. It is said that Oracle has taken the lead in data visualization analysis, providing users with visual data exploration services. This type of analysis method will also be another bright spot and a major trend in the future Bi field

at the same time, the traditional functions of Bi, such as filtering, drilling, drilling and comparison, are also difficult to meet the management and analysis requirements of some special enterprise users and CIOs. Therefore, the new round of Bi advanced analysis demand has quietly heated up in different industries. In the future Bi platform, interactive technologies such as prediction, allocation, hypothesis simulation and data mining will become the direction of a new round of BI system upgrading. It is said that Oracle business intelligence platform, which integrates Essbase service technology, has been able to provide users with policy level, unknown information oriented data, analytical and predictive servo plug system, 3-axis manipulator capability and personalized self-service customization

the seventh new trend of Bi: external information will be integrated into internal Bi, and internal and external information will interact in parallel

from the evolution of the current Bi field, the information and data applied and relied on by enterprise CIOs are all from the data materials in the enterprise's

internal information system, through which they can analyze, process and make decisions. However, in the long run, it is not enough to mine and use internal data alone. CIO needs to collect, summarize and analyze more external information and data, gradually form an external support platform, integrate external information into internal Bi, and make internal and external connectivity rich and dynamic information rather than static reports or calculation data, so as to get a more comprehensive and scientific decision-making basis

therefore, in order to grasp the future, both the CIO of Bi developers and the CIO of user enterprises should actively prepare and establish a national or even global knowledge base to provide more enterprise demanders, so as to establish their new competitiveness. Of course, how to ensure the accuracy, real-time and effectiveness of external data is a major problem

in the future, Bi will integrate the essence of collaboration, knowledge and ability, portal, wireless and so on, and become increasingly economical, simple and efficient. It will continue to bloom "new flowers" and glow with charming brilliance. Whether it is the CIO of Bi manufacturers or the CIO of user enterprises, only by grasping these development trends and technology trends and carrying out research and development and promotion, can we better serve the decision-making and management of domestic enterprises and seize the competitive opportunity. (end)

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