Seven problems of the hottest Pu'er tea packaging

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Seven problems of Pu'er tea packaging

seven problems of Pu'er tea packaging

dull, gloomy and lifeless, which is the first common problem of Pu'er tea packaging reflected by many friends at present. As we all know, no matter raw tea or cooked tea, the color of Pu'er tea soup will not collide with the color of coffee, but many enterprises have made the gift box coffee, for the reason that it looks noble and gorgeous, and coffee can show aristocratic blood. Red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple are idle. Is it necessary for Pu'er tea from Yunnan mountainous areas to become fake foreign devils


the packaging design is rough, the packaging material is rough, the enterprise has no own idea, and the design company lacks professional quality. Cotton, hemp, silk, silk, gold, silver, copper, iron grasp what things to wear for Pu'er tea, so you must distinguish between the two, whether you like it or not. Come on, the dark Pu'er tea is not very cute. It's even harder to see such a toss. In the era of eyeball economy, how can Pu'er tea face the beauty pageant of the general public


superficial is also a major problem in Pu'er tea packaging. Sometimes it's not that the design company didn't have the idea of Pu'er tea packaging that day, it's not that Pu'er tea enterprises didn't have the awareness of packaging, but that they are eager for quick success and instant benefits. They can't make a good look by simply tasting it, and there are thoughtful but very shallow half pull Pu'er tea packaging everywhere, commonly known as the tofu residue project of Pu'er tea packaging


there is a big copy of packaging in the world. It is a shameful behavior of many design companies and Pu'er tea enterprises to copy what packaging looks good and what packaging is popular. Even in the Pu'er tea packaging industry where intellectual property rights have not been improved, I'm afraid I can't be such a person. Guo Jingming (a post-80s male writer famous for plagiarism)! Don't forget, Comrade Zhang GA, a little soldier of the revolutionary predecessor, taught us that we are not afraid of your panic today, but afraid of your list in the future


it was mentioned in the "Research on the development strategy of China's Intelligent Manufacturing" jointly launched with the Chinese Academy of engineering that coffee colored soil is not counted. Due to the pursuit of the interests of old tea, some people splash water and dust. When the water prison comes out and closes the dungeon, it is exposed to the wind, sun and rain, and the dry warehouse and wet warehouse fight fiercely. The so-called old tea is packaged in a dusty manner, just like the ashes box dug out from the ground. It is dusty and covered with plaque. Is this necessary

the position of the old

grounding installation should be convenient for wiring. There are seven things to open the door, including firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea. Now Pu'er tea is afraid to be ranked in the top three. However, the packaging still can't go up. It's hard to look at the square and round. People outside the province say it's good to drink and ugly, and export foreigners say it's ugly and dare not drink. Does Pu'er tea packaging also need to break four old things: old enterprises, old ideas, old looks and old talents


print several tadpole shaped foreign words on the carton. It is said to be modernist, brush a few gold filled brush words, and it is said to be classical. Pu'er tea has not formed a mainstream packaging, nor has it been non mainstream, and side branches and end streams are popular. Pu'er tea packaging industry is in a mess, holding for a long time can not produce a fine product. Pu'er tea packaging, are you performance art or installation art. I can't understand ordinary people and can't afford it. Is it for drinking

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