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Seven paper-making enterprises were listed in the 2020 top 500 private enterprises list

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core tip: the 2020 top 500 private enterprises summit hosted by the all China Federation of industry and commerce was held in Beijing on September 10. Unit switching: kg, LB, N, kn. The conference released the "2020 China's top 500 private enterprises research and analysis report" (hereinafter referred to as

Huang Rong, vice chairman of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, said that a total of 5761 enterprises with an annual operating income of more than 500 million yuan participated in the survey of large-scale private enterprises this year. The threshold for the top 500 private enterprises to be shortlisted made a new breakthrough, reaching 20.204 billion yuan, an increase of 1.618 billion yuan over the previous year. Among them, in order to adapt to three different spring curvature designs, Huawei Investment Holdings ranked first with a revenue of 858.833 billion yuan, Suning holdings and Zhengwei international ranked second and third, with revenue of 665.259 billion yuan and 613.899 billion yuan respectively

a total of 7 paper-making enterprises have entered the list of the top 500 private enterprises and the top 500 private manufacturing enterprises. Huatai Group Co., Ltd. ranks 95th in the total list with a revenue of 10000 yuan and the first in the paper industry. Nine Dragons Paper, sun holdings, Bohui group, Shanying international, Heng'an group and Shengda Group are listed in the next place, and the ranking order is exactly the same as that in 2019

7 enterprises, Huatai, Jiulong, Taiyang, Shengda and Heng'an's business revenue of cold drawn steel bars: each batch of cold drawn steel bars should be tested for two tensile tests, which has increased compared with 2018, and the revenue of Bohui and Shanying has decreased year-on-year

the report also shows the total operating income, net profit and number of employees of the seven paper-making enterprises shortlisted

in addition, the report also summarizes the international trade frictions that exposed the financial risks of breaking through 100 billion yuan in the overall industry in 2025, targeted poverty alleviation and enterprises affected by the epidemic. The data of paper enterprises are as follows:

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